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Functional Textile Materials



Course title: Functional Textile Materials

College: Textiles and Clothing Major: Textile Engineering

Credit: 3.0  Total credit hour: 48

Credit hours for lecturing: 48 Experimental: 0 Computation: 0 Practice: 0


Course Description


In order to let the graduate students in textile science and engineering have more in-depth understanding of the research progress of textile materials, the functionalization of textile material and new fiber materials, This open course is designed to be taught as one of the core courses for the full-time academic graduate students and overseas graduate students.

This course provides students with fundamental knowledge of functional textile materials and their applications. It also provides students with the latest development of functional textile materials. It will help students to understand the processing technology, structural analysis, principle and applications of functional textile materials, and the relationship between the structures and performance.

The course adopts flexible teaching methods in English, combining lectures with interactions and seminars. It pays attention to train graduate students in the English language communication, cultivate international vision and capability of independent learning and independent innovation. It aims to guide the students to become international, innovative talents.


Tentative Course Outline


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Functional Textile Fibers

2.1 Classification of functional textile fibers

2.2 Properties and applications of functional textile fiber

Chapter 3 Methods and applications of functional finishing

3.1 Categories of functional finishing

3.2 Surface Functionalization to textiles

3.3 Resin coating and microporous laminated finish

Chapter 4 Functional Textiles

4.1 Classification of functional textiles

4.2 Classification and applications of comfortable textiles

4.3 Classification and applications of healthcare and hygiene textiles

4.4 Classification and applications of protective textiles

4.5 Classification and applications of industrial textiles

4.6 Other functional textiles

Chapter 5 Nanotechnology in Functional textile materials

5.1 Nanotechnology and nanomaterials

5.2 Applications of nanotechnology in functional textile materials

Chapter 6 Evaluation and Characterization of Functional Textile Materials

6.1 Structural analysis and testing of functional textile materials

6.2 Performance testing and evaluation of functional textile materials

Seminars: Invited lectures on the research background, status and development trend of functional textile materials.


Teaching methods and assessment


This course is taught in English using multimedia courseware. English is used to explain the subject knowledge content rather than reading the contents of the original English textbooks. The combination of various teaching modes will be used in a flexible way and students are allowed to raise questions during classes and interactions will be encouraged. In addition, English is required and used in course home work, assignments and exams. Students are expected to answer questions in various forms including term definition, choice quiz, cloze test and problem sets in order to assess students' mastery of the knowledge of functional textile materials.

To enable students to obtain professional knowledge through the learning of English course of functional textile materials and to improve foreign language ability, grading will be made on the basis the assessment of student’s knowledge, ability and quality of comprehensive evaluation. The course grade consisting of the usual grades (classroom performance + assignments) and the exam results with different weights will be applied and the final grade will be given (usual grades × 30% + exam results × 70%.


Reference books


handbook-of-technical-textiles (2nd Ed), by A. Richard Horrocks and Subhash C. Anand.

Surface Modification of Textiles by Qufu Wei.

Functional Nanofibers and their Applications by Qufu Wei.

Functional Textiles for Improved Performance, Protection and Health by N. Pan and G. Sun.




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