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Weidong Gao

Basic Information

Name: Weidong Gao

Title Professor

Tel +86 13806185321

Office D207, School of Textiles & Clothing

Email: gaowd3@163.com

Education Background

2006-2011, Textile Material and Design, Donghua University. Ph.D

1982-1985, Textile Engineering, Wuxi Light Industry College (now Jiangnan University). M.S.

1978-1982, Textile Engineering, Wuxi Light Industry College (now Jiangnan University). B.Sc.

Research Areas

4. Textile technology

5. Textile material

6. Textiles

Awards and Honors

1. Key technology and industrialization application of high efficiency cotton combing won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress in 2014

2. Development and industrialization application of key technology for warp foam sizing won the first prize of science and technology progress of China National Textile and Apparel Council in 2015

3. GB/T 30558-2014Classification of industrial textileswon the second prize of science and technology progress of the education ministry in 2016

4. DTM439 type automatic winder won the second prize of science and technology progress of Jiangsu Province in 2013

Research Projects within five years

2. Key technology for the preparation of high conformal textiles-National keypoint research and invention program of the 13th five-year plan

3. Research on related basic problems of multicolored digital yarn based on asynchronous drafting- China Textile Industry Federation applied basic research project

4. Research on reconfigurable detection model and real-time response of fiber bundles- Special scientific research fund for doctoral subjects in Colleges and Universities

Publications within five years

(1) Zhu, Bo; Liu, Jianli; Gao, Weidong(*). Process optimization of ultrasound-assisted alcoholic-alkaline treatment for granular cold water swelling starches. ULTRASONICS SONOCHEMISTRY, 2017, 38: 579-584

(2) Sun, Yinyin; Pan, Ruru; Zhou, Jian; Gao, Weidong(*). Analysis of detectable angles of yarn hairiness in optical measurements. TEXTILE RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2017, 87(11): 1297-1307

(3) Zhu, Bo; Wu, Shuangyan; Liu, Jianli; Gao, Weidong(*). Optimization of an alcoholic-alkaline freeze-drying treatment for granular cold-water swelling starches. STARCH-STARKE, 2017, 69(5-6): UNSP 1600198

(4) Sun, Yinyin; Li, Zhongjian; Pan, Ruru; Zhou, Jian ; Gao, Weidong(*). Measurement of long yarn hair based on hairiness segmentation and hairiness tracking. JOURNAL OF THE TEXTILE INSTITUTE, 2017, 108 (7): 1271-1279

(5) Zhu, Bo; Liu, Jianli; Gao, Weidong(*). Effects of Snailase Treatment on Wettability of Raw Cotton Yarns in Pre-wetting Process of Foam Sizing. Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 2017,182(3) : 1065-1075

(6) Zhu, Bo; Song, Qinjie; Liu, Jianli; Gao, Weidong(*); Li, Liangxu. Effects of foaming parameters on sized-foam properties. TEXTILE RESEARCH JOURNAL, 2016, 86(19): 2096-2105

(7) Li, Zhongjian; Pan, Ruru; Wang, Jing'an; Wang, Ziyu; Li Bianbian; Gao, Weidong(*). Real-time Segmentation of Yarn Images Based on an FCM Algorithm and Intensity Gradient Analysis. FIBRES & TEXTILES IN EASTERN EUROPE, 2016, 24(4): 45-50

(8) Wang, Lei; Pan, Ruru; Xu, Bugao(*); Jiang, Suangge; Liu, Jianli; Gao, Weidong(*). Validating Dynamic Testing of Fabric Crease Recovery with the Standard AATCC Test Method. AATCC REVIEW, 2016, 16(4): 51-57

(9) Wang, Lei; Liu, Jianli; Pan, Ruru; Gao, Weidong(*). Inspecting anisotropy in wrinkle recovery angle of woven fabric. JOURNAL OF THE TEXTILE INSTITUTE, 2016, 107(6): 711-718

(10) Wang, Lei; Liu, Jianli; Pan, Ruru; Gao, Weidong(*). Crease Recovery Property of Woven Fabric with Different Testing Parameters. AATCC REVIEW, 2016, 16(3): 44-49

International cooperation

Academic affairs

Serves as the member of the 7th consultative group of textile science and engineering, vice president of China Textile Engineering Society, and vice president of National Textile Clothing Education Society. He serves as the chief editor of Journal of Clothing Research, the deputy director of editorial board of Journal of Textile Research, and the editorial board member Cotton Textile Technology, etc.

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