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School of Textiles and Clothing was developed in 1952, which is one of the most important bases in China for cultivating senior talents majoring in textile and clothing. It also has a long history, senior teachers, abundant resources and high level of academic achievements. Textile Science and Engineering subject was approved master’s degree award in 1986, doctor’s degree in 2003, post-doctoral research station in 2009, and the first-class doctor degree discipline in 2010. Textile Engineering profession is the key built subject of national “211 Project” and the first-class key subject in Jiangsu province. In 2009 and 2012, this subject ranked the second and fifth respectively in first-class subject rating by Ministry of Education.

The school has one first-class doctor degree discipline (Textile Science and Engineering), five second-class doctor degree disciplines (Textile Engineering, Textile Materials and Textile Design, Textile Chemistry and Dyeing/Finishing Engineering, Fashion Design and Engineering, Pulp and Paper Engineering), one first-class post-doctoral research station (Textile Science and Engineering), one first-class master degree discipline (Textile Science and Engineering), five second-class master degree disciplines (Textile Engineering, Textile Materials and Textile Design, Textile Chemistry and Dyeing/Finishing Engineering, Fashion Design and Engineering, Pulp and Paper Engineering), and one engineering master degree discipline (Textile Engineering).

The school has made an outstanding achievement on subjects building and educational research. In recent years, the school has been in charge of Ministry of Education’s comprehensive education reform project, and set up two National Top Quality Courses, one National Bilingual Language Model Teaching Course, one National Video Open Class, and two National Top Quality Resource Sharing Classes. Among more than thirty textbooks written recent years, nine were awarded as Provincial Excellent Textbooks, and four were listed in China's 12th five-year plan textbooks.

After more than 60 years of development, Textile Science and Technology discipline has achieved distinct characteristics and advantages in several research directions, e.g. key technology of digital knitting equipment, intelligent control technology of textile equipment, electrostatic spinning nano-functional fibers, textile enzymes, ink-jet pigment ink, nationality’s dress culture. The scientific research focuses on the individual requirement and development and emphasizes inter-discipline, that has brought significant economic benefits and social influences.

The school highly emphasizes the industrialization of scientific achievements and gives full play to the scientific and technological advantages to meet the social requirements. In the aspect of scientific researches, technology services and personnel training, the school carried out comprehensive cooperation with many companies in order to promote its upgrading of technology and products. With the close cooperation with more than 20 provinces, the school has made positive contributions to the national economic and social development.

The school attaches great importance to the international academic communication and cooperation. Much progress has been made in international talent cultivation. The school built a good partnership of academic communication and cooperation with several famous foreign textile schools, institutes and companies such as North Carolina State University, University of California (Davis), Louisiana State University, Georgia Tech, University of Manchester, University of Southampton, Shinshu University, South Pusan National University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, KARL MAYER GmbH, Society of Dyers and Colorists and so on. A great number of undergraduate and graduate students acquired the opportunity to exchange in a foreign school. In recent years, the school has also held and attend a series of international congresses like World Textile Congress, Textile Biotechnology Seminar, International Functional Fiber Materials Seminar et al.

Through constant summarization and practice, the school has produced the advantage of the form of discipline construction in a whole industrial chain with Textile Engineering, Light Chemical Engineering and Fashion Design and Engineering. The high-qualified interdisciplinary talents get the public favorable comments. The graduates are of high comprehensive quality, strong foundation of theory and practical ability, extensive knowledge, and independent working ability, and therefore welcomed and respected by the employers at home and abroad. The graduates spread across universities, government agencies, transnational corporations, foreign-funded enterprises and so on.