Research platforms

Research platforms

Research Platforms

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Textile and Clothing College possesses 6 institutes.

Clothing and Home Textile Institute is based on the department of clothing (服装系), combining engineering, aesthetics, marketing, psychology and other disciplines. The research is oriented towards costume culture, fashion design, clothing engineering and home textile design.

Textile Technology Institute is based on the discipline of textile science and engineering, emphasizing the interdisciplinarity with mechanical engineering, auto-control, computer engineering, materials science and other disciplines. 4 research directions are set up: Textile advanced equipment, Textile key technology, High value-added textile products, The quality and performance of textile products.

Dyeing and Finishing Technology Institute has 4 research labs, respectively focus on Textile biological finishing and functional processing technology, Nano pigment and digital image printing technology, Textile functional finishing auxiliaries, Eco-friendly dyeing and finishing technology and equipment.

Textile Fiber Institute mainly studies the issues of preparation, processing and application of textile fiber materials. The research is oriented towards functional fiber materials, nanofiber materials, unconventional biological fiber.

Knitting Technology Institute works on computer design and simulation of knitting, knitting equipment digitalization and intelligence, development and application of industrial knitting products. Knitting Technology Institute has led the knitting industry making constant achievements in high-tech products, and exploring a distinctive scientific research direction.

Technical Textiles Institute mainly studies the textile composite fiber and nonwoven materials.